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Alicia Maciel, Leadership & Wellbeing Speaker and Executive Coach


I'm the Founder and President of, LLC, a boutique leadership development firm supporting professional services providers to take results to the next level through greater wellbeing and the art and science of cultivating connected relationships. I draw from a Harvard MBA, teaching entrepreneurial leadership at Cal State Fullerton, over 25 years of multi-industry professional experience, and a wealth of diverse life experiences.


You felt well, equipped, and inspired to take your performance to the next level?

Your interactions fostered happier, more satisfied and loyal clients and supporters?

Your interactions actually inspired, engaged and mobilized others as you envision? 


Executive Coaching

You Set the Tone and Lead the Pace


As trusted professionals we often feel overwhelmed and depleted by the demands of delivering results in a complex environment.  Nonetheless, the way we feel, our mindset, energy and behaviors set the tone for how we impact the relationships we depend on to thrive.  Thus, we begin by focusing on the "linchpin" that impacts everything else, your wellbeing.  Our work supports you in preventing burnout by becoming centered and sustaining clarity and vitality.  We also focus on refining areas such as:

  • executive presence,
  • skills of emotional intelligence (EQ),
  • conversational intelligence,
  • conflict management skills, 
  • resilience through mindfulness and other stress management techniques, and
  • any other areas you'd like to develop


Through our work together, you'll feel more fulfilled as you attract and retain more of your ideal clients, and lead happier, more productive and connected teams. 

More about Executive Coaching

We Specialize in Supporting Professional Services Providers

Our ideal clients are committed professionals ready and willing to do what it takes to experience greater personal and professional fulfillment.


Clients who are primed to experience the greatest return on investment are those who enthusiastically embrace a path of greater self-awareness.  These individuals are willing to invest the necessary time, energy, and resources to experience the personal and professional growth they envision.  

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