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Alicia Maciel, Leadership & Team Engagement Speaker, Consultant, and Executive Coach


I'm the founder of and I support leaders in healthcare and education organizations to improve results through more engaged and cohesive teams. We begin by focusing on optimizing the leaders' resilience and skills of emotional intelligence to model the way toward a more inclusive climate of connection and wellbeing for the rest of their teams. I draw from a Harvard MBA, teaching entrepreneurial leadership at Cal State Fullerton, and over 25 years developing high-performance organizations.  

On my personal journey caring for a loved one with a chronic illness I discovered that a care provider's emotional state and wellbeing is the greatest factor impacting patient care. Care providers who feel centered and reassured by a positive emotional connection with their role, the organization’s values, and the people they depend on at work, are more likely to flourish and provide better care for others.

WHAT WOULD BE POSSIBLE for your organization and THE LIVES YOU TOUCH if

Your leaders were equipped and inspired to take performance to the next level?

Your organization’s climate fostered happier, more productive and connected teams?

Your meetings and events actually inspired, engaged and mobilized your team? 


Executive Coaching

Leaders Set the Tone and Lead the Pace


Leaders often feel overwhelmed and depleted by the demands of delivering results in a complex environment.  Nonetheless, the way they behave and the energy they bring to every interaction sets the tone for your workplace climate. 

Let's begin by nurturing your leaders' wellbeing to optimize their performance.  Our work supports them in preventing burnout by becoming centered and sustaining clarity and vitality.  We also focus on refining:

  • Executive presence
  • Skills of emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Conversational intelligence
  • Resilience through mindfulness and other stress management techniques
  • Conflict management through the Emotional Connection Process  

Leaders feel more fulfilled as they have greater impact and lead happier, more productive and connected teams. 

" The best managers develop human potential through meaningful work and create a performance-oriented culture for their teams while allowing for the flexibility needed to attend to a full life. 

- It's the Manager, Gallup

More about Executive Coaching

We Specialize in Healthcare & Education Organizations


Hospitals & Health Systems,  Clinics,  Assisted Living,

Sub-Acute Health Care Facilities,  Companion Home Care,

Skilled Home-Health and  Rehabilitation, Foundations and Nonprofits supporting wellbeing and other health-related causes 


Private and Public Schools, Community Colleges, Universities, 

Foundations and Nonprofits supporting Education 

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